Stephanie water shot © Keigo Kato

Dancing with Stephanie

I had my first test shoot in our brand new Studio 197 with the wonderful Stephanie Warwick.  As well as being a model, Stephanie is freelance ballroom dancer, working all over the country, competing in major competitions.  She is so athletic and agile, just watching her strut her stuff tired me out (note to self: less curries, more exercising…) Anyway, onto the shoot.

DSC 8289 Edit 199x300 Dancing with Stephanie

© Keigo Kato, Model: Stephanie Warwick

These fantastic fabrics used for the dresses were kindly provided by Crystal Clover, and skillfully put together on the spot by Stephanie, her mother (fabulous tea maker, too!) and Sumi. We started the shoot with some classic and creative portrait and fashion type shots. Standard stuff. Stephanie is as experienced as a model as she is a dancer, so working with her was really easy. I rarely needed to direct her into poses.
DSC 8559 Edit 199x300 Dancing with Stephanie

© Keigo Kato Photography, Model: Stephanie Warwick

Sumi and Adrian then worked their magic on Stephanie with the dark themed make up, which worked so well. Idea was to contrast from the earlier light, flowing look to a more set, hard, dark beauty, hence the bunned up hair, dark make up, dark background, the black ring. The stern expression, and the crossed hand pose completed the shot.

DSC 8661 Edit 199x300 Dancing with Stephanie

© Keigo Kato Photography, Model Stephanie Warwick

Then, finally, we went onto the wet shoot. It was kinda scary throwing water all over the brand new floor that we (and by that, I mean Tommy, ha) spent so much time laying down. It is amazing how easily water finds a way. But with a little precaution, water spillage was kept to very minimal amount, and the shoot went great. Oh, and check out the new smoke machine for added 80s’esque goodness icon smile Dancing with Stephanie

DSC 8712 Edit1 300x199 Dancing with Stephanie

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I would like to thank our MUA Sumi, Hair stylist Adrian, and finally the star of the show Miss Stephanie Warwick. It started at 10am, and went on till 7pm, with very little break. Much deserved kudos to everyone involved! I hope the images justify all the hard work.

 Dancing with Stephanie pinit fg en rect gray 20 Dancing with Stephanie