I have noticed over time that there are so many photographers who constantly update their equipment with the best and the latest offering from Nikon or Canon out of frustration with their results, while more often than not, their existing gear is perfectly adequate for 99% of the situations they face.  After a recent encounter with such a photographer followed by a quick demonstration, he soon realised that it was not the camera, but the person pressing the shutter that was at fault.  He soon became my first student.

I am a firm believer that knowledge is king, and am as passionate about teaching as I am about photography. Therefore, I have built up and array of photographic tuition, both 1 on 1, and in groups. Courses include

  • Introduction to Digital photography: Understanding Camera modes, Exposure, Focusing, Composition, Equipment maintenance
  • Portraiture – My approach to portrait sittings: Dealing with subject, Lighting, Composition, Black and White, KISS.
  • Location shooting – Next step: Understanding the location and geometry, Equipment, Understanding and Controlling Light.
  • Studio model shoot: Concept/Final use of image, Lighting, Importance of Make up, Styling, Directing.
  • RAW processing/skin retouching (It’s not smoothing): Global/local adjustment, Layer Masks, Dodging and Burning, Dealing with blemishes, Creative choices.

Each course will pack a lot of information, and be carefully planned for the day. 1 on 1 can be tailor made to suit your individual needs, whereas group courses will start at the basic, and level will progress through the course of the day, so that newer students will not lose out.  The day will be intense, but fun.  There will be both theory lecture and hands on experiences.  At the end of the day, you will leave with a good grasp of each element within the course topic, and if anyone’s is unsure of anything covered on the day, I will offer free of charge Q&A session on the day, or after the course to make sure you are happy with your newly gained investment.